Repair Services

We know it can be difficult to find a jeweller who can cater to your every repair need, especially if the work required is large and complex.

Here at Kennedy’s Showcase Jewellers we pride ourselves on being an ‘all-rounder’ jeweller. If you need a watch battery, we can do that on the spot whilst you browse. Need your rings cleaned? We can also do that while you wait, they never leave the store. Even most ring resizing jobs, chain repairs, watch and clock repairs and other jobs can be done in store.

The services we provide on site and on the spot are:

  • Jewellery repairs
  • Inside of ring engraving
  • Ring resizing
  • Pearl threading
  • Watch batteries and band fittings
  • Watch and clock repairs
  • Water resistance pressure testing

Larger jobs, like engraving, clock making services, and other more complex works are worked on with our partners.

Repair Services