Custom Design And Remodelling

Custom Design And Remodelling

Not only can we repair your jewellery, but we are proud to boast that we have some of the best designers in our team who can create unique pieces or transform your old jewellery into something new.

We can create a unique piece of jewellery for you based off your own design or one we create together.

Jess is our in-house sketch artist and she can take that image that you have in your head and put it onto paper so that you can soon be wearing it. All you need to do is come in and have a chat to her about what it is that you're seeing in your mind's eye. She's a talented artist and using this talent to your benefit.

We can also take your old jewellery out of your jewellery box and recreate something incredible for you. Again, just come in and discuss the possibilities with us. We will give you guidance on how much gold you might need for certain designs, or what is possible with the amount you have. It all just starts with a conversation at Kennedy's.