Custom Design

Bring your Dream to Life.

When shopping for an engagement ring, it can be easy to just keep looking and looking until something "jumps out" at you. But that might never happen, we encourage your to come in and try on some different styles, different cuts of diamonds, different metals, and take your time. From there we can design and custom make a ring that has all of the perfect elements for your dream ring.


Design your Dream Ring.

  • Have you thought about using different metals?
  • Perhaps instead of white gold, you might prefer platinum?
  • Or perhaps a mix of white and rose gold?
  • Maybe you'd like a specific stone?

We can source anything you'd like. If you'd like a 1 carat Argyle Pink Diamond set in platinum, we can certainly do that. Or if you'd like a 2 carat champange diamond set in rose gold, we can do that too.

Nothing is too much trouble, or too hard or obscure. It's your ring, your dream, we're just here to make it a reality.

Kennedys Showcase Jewellers

Create New Memories from Old Jewellery.

  • Do you have earrings that don't have a mate?
  • Do you have broken old chains in the bottom of your jewellery box?
  • Do you have a ring that you used to wear, but is outdated and needs a new life?

With all of your old gold, we can create a new piece, new memories, and bring it all back to life.

Clean out your jewel box and bring in your old gold and precious stones so we can design something that is perfect for you.


Take Time to get it Perfect.

We suggest...

  • Collect pictures
  • Write things down
  • Take photos of different rings.
  • Take your time to get things right.

During our custom design service we bring you sketches of what we propose to build for you so that you can make changes before we start. Take your time, sleep on it, get opinions from those who matter, and ignore those who don't.

Whether you're designing a beautiful new ring, or recycling your old gold into a new bangle, bracelet or other piece, we want you to have complete piece of mind.

This is Rosie's Passion!

She loves to design jewellery and works very closely with our manufacturing jewellers to make sure everything is perfect. All you need to do is to call her, email her or pop into the store and talk to her personally. Should time or location be a concern for you, don't worry about that. We have just created the most amazing piece for a gentleman in CHINA, and have visited many a farm around the Mallee.

We can even make after hours appointments