Repair Services

We know it can be difficult to find a jeweller who can cater to your every repair need, especially if the work required is large and complex. 
However, at Kennedy’s Jewellers we pride ourselves on being an ‘all-rounder’ jeweller. We prove a large range of jewellery and watch repair services. We can do small repairs such as ring resizing to complex watch repairs. We can do it all!
The services we provide are:

  • Jewellery repairs
  • Ring resizing
  • Pearl threading
  • Watch batteries and band fittings
  • Watch and clock repairs
  • Water resistance pressure testing

Custom Design And Remodelling

Not only can we repair your jewellery, but we are proud to boast that we have some of the best designers in our team who can create unique pieces or transform your old jewellery into something new. 
We can create a unique piece of jewellery for you based off your own design or one we create together. Otherwise, if you have old jewellery that is gathering dust in your jewellery box, bring it to us and we can craft it into something modern.

Click here to learn more about our custom design services.

Valuations and Insurance

We not only protect and service your jewellery against the damage of time and deterioration, but we protect it from theft or loss by providing you with jewellery valuations and assisting in insurance claims.
We suggest valuing and insuring your jewellery pieces worth $1,000 and above. If there is an incident of loss or theft, come to us and we can assist in fulfilling the insurance claim for your jewellery.